Tuesday, August 26, 2008


do you think i'm lying mama?
it's true i hear voices in my head
they say i have to fear the future
and that i'm soon going to be left alone
among people who will act
that they love me
but inside they will be dangerous
yes mama, that's what the voices say
i know i should pray
to keep the devils out of my head
but mamma mia, he comes back
that thing that tries to bury me
clutching me with cruel hands
white, bony, mean hands...

mama it hurts as i struggle
to break free and breathe
i shout for you... save me, save me
but my voice fails me...
then the dread slowly ends...
as i shout for God
mamma mia, i love God so much
but still... why do i hear voices?
my head hurts so bad
mamma mia... i'm not lying
i swear it's real...I'm not insane...
do i really look like one?


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