Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Love Story

She came to kitchen to get a glass of water. It was for the first time I saw her. I was constantly looking at her as she filled her glass. I don't know why but something in her attracted me. She was the one I had always been looking for. The girl of my dreams. Her cheeks, her small but cute nose, her smile, there was something really special about it all. Like someone I had always knew, someone I had promised to meet. She left after a minute but those 60 seconds changed my life. I came back to my seat still thinking about her. I then used to follow her everyday whenever she went to kitchen just to have her glimpse, just to see her smile. Her voice was so soft that one could really fall asleep listening to it. She was my angel with a voice of a nightingale.

If anyone scared me, it was him. I remember the first time I saw him. Our boss asked for the person who had performed best and his boss called out his name. It was the same guy who had been staring at me rather angrily for the last hour or so. The meeting was boring and I was sleepy. I had nothing better to do but to look here and there. It was then that my eyes fell on him. Our eyes met for a brief moment and he quickly shifted his glance. I did not look at him for the rest of the time I was there. I avoided him even afterwards. Changed my route, turned my face, sometimes left the place where he was. He scared me. Till one day, he was sitting next to me, explaining something I couldn't get. I instantly felt a connection. Something pulled me towards him. He smiled. His smile was the best thing about him. His eyes were softer than what they had been first time I saw him.

I finally decided to talk to her and approached her; found her sweet and innocent. I saw some sketches she had drawn and by looking at those sketches I instantly knew that the girl who was always smiling was not really happy from the inside. I wanted to know about her life and with each passing day we got closer. I started caring for her and may be that's how I won her trust. We became very good friends but for me she was always more than that.

He always used to sit across from me. It was an effort to keep myself from looking at him because I did not want him to sense my attraction towards him. I could always tell he was gaping at me. I wanted him to talk to me, but never made an advance. I was still scared.

I remember the day when she called me after having some conflict at home and we talked the whole night. She was just like a small baby looking for a place to hide and felt protected with me. This was just the start of our relationship that was now blooming beautifully. I told her that I love her. She hesitated in the beginning but finally gave in. 

He came through as a down to earth person. All my illusions about him turned out to be illusions after all. But the way he cared for me freaked me out. I did not like anybody interfering so much in my life. No one bothered if I had eaten properly or if I took my medicines on time. I wanted all that to stop. I had told my heart i had loved all I could and had no intention for another hear break. But I fell in love with him...

I don't know what will happen in the near future, she might probably leave but I do know one thing that there is no one in this world who can love her more than me. We might not be able to live with each other but we will always live in each other’s heart, we will always be in each other’s heart.
... I do not know whether I will get her in this life or not but today I want to propose to her... Honey, I love you and will always love you the same way whatever happens, wherever we may be. Love, will you marry me in the eternal life after death?

We may have no "till death do us apart"... I will wait for you. Don't be long.


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