Monday, July 28, 2008


Suddenly I find myself in this scorching summer heat
In the middle of a desert.. the earth refusing to be kind
The sun glaring at me with cruel eyes
Devoid of all softness, your comforting presence
Everything that I felt homely... is gone now

Worshipping idols, having faith in their stone cold hearts
I fell astray from the reality...
The reality of God
The reality of the kind angels
The motherhood of nature
And the comfort of family....

You made me deny all for you
And then... you denied me....

I'm astray... searching for life once again
A long, lonely road ahead of me....
O mama, come hold me... I miss you
Papa, scold me for who I have been
Come back and love me....
I feel so indignified.... all the ugliness inside me
Make me cry and let me wash them away
I want to be the baby girl in your arms mama
The little girl you loved so much....
I want to be your pride papa
The little girl who spread wonders when she smiled...

A long way to go... this is just the beginning
But in this life.. I learn
We cannot always have what we yearn
No matter how much we love it so...
Trust can be the hardest thing you'll ever do.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Unfinished words,
Broken rythms,
The lost touch,
The innocence snatched.

I found little wings in your friendship,
Found new meanings.
A new reason to smile
A new reason to be free.

I opened my silken wings,
And flew where you promised heaven.
I still hear the vibrations
Of your honest mortal voice,
I loved it so
Maybe you'll never know.

We were two peices of a puzzle
Made to fit so naturally

Yet we were meant to be

--- *** ---
One of those poems that are very close to my heart.. deeply and tenderly felt.


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