Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lost Connections

Posting this one again. Those of you who commented before, please comment again. I seem to badly need those words again somehow!

1.30 am.

Her pillow was wet now. Just a while back she was laughing with pure joy. "Life's Beautiful!!!"... that's what her MSN status said. Now the girl's spirits were crushed again. The part that hurt her was, it was over something so small. Too small for her to even realise it could be a reason for all his wrath on her yet again.

I wish... I could tell Adi what he said... she thought between her sobs. Reached for her phone, but gave up the idea. It's no use... What will Adi possibly do? Even if he wanted to?

She wished things could change back still when it was Adi ADI ADI she'd go running to when the slightest thing went wrong... She almost felt like a baby telling him about it as if he'd make everything alright again. Well that was the magic of that friendship.

Some of that magic had departed now. Period.

Oh please... please God... for once... Tell him to come to me... Bring him to me... I know things have changed... Things... the wonderful things... they're so gone... Adi... can you really hear me? I so wish you'd know I'm hurt... and no matter how bad I want, I can't come to you now... Can you hear me buddy?


She must be mad. How can he possibly hear her? He's thousands of miles away...

Buzz buzz buzz! It was the message beep.

"Sorry I couldn't text or call you. I'm sorry for that. Trust me I'm not in heavens here either. I'll try and get a hold of you tomorrow. Be happy and take care! Love, Adi."

Speechless... She smiled.

picture courtesy: deviantART


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