Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Let's paint sunshine together," he said softly.

She smiled silently and returned to the canvas before. It show cased brilliant colors, the deep ones and the intense ones, just like her eyes. Deep brown eyes that shone on you till you were fully captivated by their simple innocence, the silent eyes yet adorned with brilliance so obvious it could strike you for a moment. He moved nearer.

"You don't believe me baby girl?" He said in her ear. "Here, let me show you." He came up behind her and held the hand she was painting with, the other one holding on to the rest of her possessively. Softly, he led her hand in circle as if designing a core. Deep red, deep orange, sharp yellow in an attempt to capture a passionate sun, choosing colors for her.

"I'll paint you baby" he whispered. "And I'll paint you exactly how you are to me." She laughed softly.

"You don't believe me?" He mocked an expression that complained you-don't0believ-me?

You know what girl?
I want you to know something
there were many that I have met and spent time with
but there was this one gal...
whom I have never met...
but she had this lovely heart that reached out to me
and captured my soul
let alone that calmness in her face
had things been different..
I would have gone all the way with her...
and lived all my life with her
she is an amazing woman
she is
and hopefully to me atleast
she would
my Sunshine.

-- She simply smiled.


  1. I read your three recent posts. You write amazingly well!
    Keep it up!

  2. Beautiful, and lovely ending, and simple. WarmSunshine hope you are well. Anna :)

  3. yeah always his sunshine... :)

  4. i am imagining it all real no matter how fictional you tell me it is

  5. very nice post. But tell me one thing, how much different could the things have been. If she's the girl he always wanted, then what's holding him back for being with her forever?

  6. Aaawww!
    Soothing...beautiful :)

  7. i love it. reminds me of something..

    you are one beautiful writer

  8. Too good :) Painting sunshine is like wow! :)

  9. You know what?
    This is like seeing a dream....

    I had nearly forgot how to dream....

  10. Amazing. Reminds mi of something :)



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